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Saturday: 10AM - 2PM

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Things to See & Do When You Visit
the Cullman County Museum

The Cullman County Museum is located in the heart of downtown Cullman. It is a great place to make home central as you visit this unique city with its German heritage. During the Christmas season the largest German Pyramid in the United States is located next to the Museum. Across the street east of the Museum is the Train Depot and Park where many events happen throughout the year. Oktoberfest, Strawberry fest, the Christmas light show just to name a few. Behind the Museum on First Avenue East is the Festhalle…another place where many events take place. Most importantly perhaps is the Farmers Market during the spring and Summer when fresh local produce is sold. Walking west on first from the Festhalle you enter the Warehouse District with its many boutiques, shops and places to get treats and coffee. For a ¼ mile you can walk down first and see a wide variety of shops. You will pass the Frankweiler Platz with its fountain honoring the founder of Cullman’s home town in Germany. You will also see the Weiss Cottage, Cullman’s oldest home. On Second Avenue down the street from the front of the Museum is Sacred Heart Church with its beautiful stained-glass windows and twin towering steeples which have beckoned visitors to downtown since 1916.

You can park your vehicle in the Museum’s large parking lot and spend the day walking the historic downtown Cullman area including: