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Original furnishings from the home of Cullman’s founding father is a step back into the daily life from the 1870’s.

Johann Gottfried Cullmann

By Stanley Johnson -
There are many famous people from Alabama. But one settler to this state was overlooked until recently even though he was a remarkable man. He brought more immigrants to this country than any one individual and he founded a leading city and county in this state singlehandedly. The adventures of this pioneer are very interesting. We hope to make this evident by what is said here.

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History of Cullman

The City of Cullman, located near the center of Cullman County, is the largest municipality in Cullman County and the county seat. Cullman was founded in 1873 by Col. John Gottfried Cullmann, and incorporated in 1874.From the first five families that settled in Col. Cullmann’s new colony in 1873, Cullman has grown to become a thriving micropolitan city with a population of around 15,000! Cullman has been recognized nationally for retail and industrial development. Cullman City Schools consistently rank among the best in the state. The Cullman City Parks & Recreation Department is nationally-recognized, being nominated for and receiving several awards on the state and national level.
Col. John G. Cullmann, 1877
“After traveling around the country and arriving in North Alabama the impression was made upon my mind that if this country was filled up with good farmers it would be the garden spot of America. I found here all that I had been looking for, all that I regarded as necessary to make good homes: there was here combined these things to an extent not equaled by any other place I had seen.”