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Music & Photo

From the Children’s Room, you enter the Parlor exhibit. There is an interesting shaped piano that was owned by Mayor Nesmith. There is also a mandolin, zethern, and pump organ all popular forms of home entertainment before the advent of the radio and television. There is also an audio sample of different types of music, just push the button and you can hear Fa-so-la singing, fiddle music, and a German hymn, all which you might have heard walking past any home in Cullman in the early 1900’s. Across from the Parlor is a wall of pictures of early Cullman scenes, There is a picture of Colonel Cullman surrounded by a group of women when he was a host to a Kaffee Klautz at his home in 1892. There is an interesting picture of digging the railroad cut which took place from 1910-1914 and lowered the track 30 feet. The resulting parks and bridges were described in a Birmingham newspaper of the time as “North Alabama’s Venice.”