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Clothing Store

Moving out of the Primitive Room, we pass through the clothing shop. On the left is a cavalryman’s uniform and weapons from the Union. Over 2,600 Alabamians joined the Union Army; about 2,000 of these were assigned to the First Alabama Calvary. They were valuable to the Union Army because of their knowledge of the people and geography of North Alabama, Also as part of the display is a typical dress style of this period. The Confederate display on the right contains an infantry uniform. Most “Secessionists” in the area that would become Cullman County were independent farmers and were of the opinion that it was a “rich man’s war but a poor man’s fight” most joined voluntarily, while others were forced into the Confederate Army. An interesting part of this exhibit is a dress made in 1849 by a 14 year old girl who picked the cotton, spun the thread, dyed it, wove the fabric and then sewed the dress.